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Celtic Rambler Originial Irish art and design
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About the artist

Brian Clancy, father of four children and a veterinary surgeon by profession, grew up in Dublin in the 1970s and 80s, strongly influenced by the fusion of poetry, music, art, nature, religion and magic that forms the distinctive character of the Irish.

His family roots reach into the former Kingdom of Meath in the East, where he spent summer holidays with his grandparents exploring the area's rich heritage of ancient burial tombs and haunts of the elusive fairy-folk, the SÝdhe ; and to the West, by the wild Atlantic coast of County Clare, where some of the oldest and purest traditions survive in partnership with the modern life.

Brian first started sketching Celtic-style patterns while watching his mother embroider Irish dance costumes for his sisters. As they progressed in their dance, he refined his technique and later created original designs for their solo-dance dresses. Adding caligraphy to his work allowed him to extend his portfolio to include advertisments, illuminated poems and greetings cards, aswell as highly detailed commissioned pieces.

Now living in the province of Berry in central France - a region of Celtic folklore where fragments of druidic sorcery are practised even today - Brian's other artistic interests include (unsurprisingly!) traditional music and dance. He plays a range of instruments - particularly the accordion, the tin whistle and recorder and the Galician Ga´ta - and dances with several groups in his locality, performing folk dances of France, Portugal and Eastern Europe.